Podcast here we come!!!

What could be better than reading geeky stories every time you’re online?

Why, listening to geek talk when you’re not online (or when you are, who are we to judge).

That’s right 8 Days A Geek will be producing our own bi-weekly podcast starting with our first episode on June 16th.  We will be posting each episode in the blog itself so that you can go to the same site for your geek stories and geek podcasts.  As soon as we begin posting episodes we will start adding them to the most common podcast directories (ie. iTunes and Zune Marketplace).  If enough of our readers become listeners we are prepared to start a live stream of the podcast so you can listen uncut and chat with us in the process.

Keep reading and hopefully start listening.

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A small time blogger with big time dreams and a love for everything geek.
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