Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (four four four four)

I’m way too excited, Geeklings! Sega is doing something awesome and making another Sonic game, in 2D, and setting it after Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic and Knuckles, making it the fourth installment in the series.

This will be released as episodes on the respective internet networks of the main three consoles– Live Arcade, PSN, and WiiWare. I prefer owning a hard copy of games myself, but this will do. Maybe Sega will release a disc later on down the road after they have developed enough chapters in this new game to permit a $60 price tag.

I’m assuming (it’s always bad to assume, I’ve discovered, but I’m doing it anyway) that Sega is going to take the suggestions and feedback of those playing the episodes and incorporate them into future StH4 episodes, but that might be giving them too much credit. I’m not sure, we will see.

For now, be happy, if you’re a Sonic fan. There’s going to be Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

There’s a “trailer” on gamespot. It’s just a teaser, but the harmonic Sega is nice to hear.


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