This week in bad ideas: Watchmen spinoffs

So Watchmen ended when it ended, so thought the writers, the fans, and about anyone who ever has lifted a comic, but Dan Didio, a man known for good ideas has decided to milk the property for everything it’s worth, this is a bad idea, thus the title. Watchmen was a fully engrossing title that told you the history in a nice little package, and the only way that spin-offs may remotely work is if they were to tell the stories of the Minutemen or if the comics were all just prequels. I Think this is a horrible plan and since I think a Captain Planet movie is a good thing, that’s not good news.

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  1. I don’t think that’s completely on target it may have been a bad idea to it so late in the game but stories are just that and if they are wrote right who can say its bad. Like you said tales of the Minutemen would be great but our world is always changing. If what you says is true there would be no multiple Zelda games or a continuing stories for half of comics or media like Star Trek, Harry Potter and the like or ilk if you will I am not saying i would want to see more Watchmen but like life the story will always continue. nuff said!

  2. I think what he’s getting at is that Watchmen is a period piece something from the 80’s for the 80’s so I f they take it out of time, it WILL suck, but yes a minuteman or even a prequel of Nite owl and Rorschach via The End Is Nigh, would be cool.

  3. actually, I’d love to read some Minutemen stories, so long as they don’t affect/alter the ‘world’ of Watchmen.

    You kinda have to look at it like what the writer’s did to the C’thulhu Mythos after Lovecraft passed on. Most of those stories do not hold a candle to what the original mythos was about (in fact some of them turn the Elder Gods into Elementals) but others are excellent additions, that really expand upon Lovecraft’s foundation stones.

  4. Couldn’t of put it any better myself. And your all right, We never get to witness the rise or fall of heroes, which is part of the fun but if it was further explored it may be good, I just don’t want any sequels, it ended.

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