New The Last Airbender Trailer

The new Trailer for The Last Airbender, the live action adaptation of the immensely popular Avatar the last airbender, will debut during the Super Bowl, but you can see it earlier here courtesy of just choose read more and start to watch!

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  1. Seems dark. But the bending effects look A+ awesome.

    I have a lot of complaints about the casting and seemingly overall tone of this movie, but I’ll wait until I see it to pass complete judgement. I’m really afraid they’re going to take away the light side from the characters, which made them so great in the cartoon.

  2. thats exactly what I was going to post, what made the cartoon so good was how well they balanced the child sides of the main characters, even through their emotional/physical scarring. It looks awesome, and it better be 3 hours long to catch everything.

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