Dream Cast Fantastic Four Reboot

So Disney has decided to reboot the Fantastic Four Franchise, not a bad idea I guess, I liked the first two, but I can see where there is a lot (A LOT) of room for improvement, so I decided to reboot it myself with an older cast, The Fantastic Four have always seemed like they should be in there late 30’s to me any way except Johnny he should be in his late twenties, how else would they accomplish so much, so here ‘s my Fantastic Four Dream Cast.

Mr.Fantastic – Billy Crudup

I needed a slightly geeky yet still handsome actor who would be good at acting like an absent minded scientist, Crudup is a good actor and has already had his first taste of comic book movies so he wins the part.

Invisible Woman – Charlize Theron

Invisible woman is supposed to be this incredibly attractive woman, so much so that about every foe and sometimes friend of the Fantastic Four fall in love with her, so we needed a 30 something actress who is incredibly beautiful, I went with Theron because I know she can do the action and she is a looker.

Human Torch – Eric Christian Olsen

I thought the original casting of Johnny was perfect, so I didn’t want to stray far but I also didn’t want to cast the same person, and since Eric here doesn’t age like a human he can still pull off the late twenties guy I was looking for

The Thing – Domenick Lomardozzi

I thought Chiklis was a good cast, but he wasn’t good looking enough, so here’s the more muscly, better looking, version of Chiklis, Lomardozzi, watch him on The Wire, he’s a perfect Ben Grimm.

Dr.Doom – Jason Isaacs

A dark mysterious actor with incredible charisma was needed for this part, and as Lucious Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies he’s already done this part minus the Mask

Namor – Donnie Yen

I know Namor isn’t Asian, but why do they always draw him that way, I went with the awesome martial artist Donnie Yen who physically and mentally is perfect for the arrogant King of Atlantis

Mole Man – Danny DeVito

Mole Mans physical deformities make it hard to cast him , but the only human who fits the bill is DeVito, plus watch Batman Returns, that’s basically Mole Man already.

Alicia Masters – Jerri Ryan

A beautiful blind sculptress who ends up falling for The Thing, who better than the gorgeous Jeri Ryan.

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  1. Doom told you that Yen was the perfect Namor.

  2. 7of9 as Alicia… I think I can see it. But I like the original, Chris Evans as the Human Torch. Invisible woman, both can do the part but I like Alba better the Theron. Everything else is a perfect swap. =] That’s my two cents though…

  3. Jason Isaacs would make a way better Mr. Sinister.

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