Green Lantern Cast: Tim Robbins joins

tim-robbins He’s going to play Senator Hammond, the father of the movie’s villain, Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), a man with psychic powers that has an awesome actor playing his father.

In case you needed a reminder, Ryan Reynolds stars as the titular character, and Blake Lively will play the love interest, Carol Ferris. The movie will start filming in New Orleans in March.

Robbins was in one other movie adaption of a comic book,  the George Lucas-produced Howard the Duck.  He hasn’t been in a movie since City Of Ember (2008).


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  1. Doom will contend that Sarsgaard is as good an actor as Robbins!

  2. @VictorVonDoom
    I like, dare say love, them both, so their involvement in the movie makes me a happy hobbit.

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