Meet Sony’s Arc

VG247 was given information from a trusted anonymous source that Sony is calling the PS3 motion controller the “Arc.” It was once called “GEM,” though that was just a codename that the public wasn’t supposed to know about.

For now, the official name is still “Motion Controller” and will be released this year, probably in the fall of 2010. (Which I read over at Kotaku.)

Sony responded to VG247 with “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.”

I hope you see the irony in that.

Who else shares my thought that the controller above looks like a magic wand? And it sort of reminds of other things too, but I’m keeping that to myself.

[via GR and VG247]
[Picture via VG247]

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  1. Doom thinks Sony’s marketing ploy to attract female gamers is brillant! Shiny Pink Dildos for all!

  2. Agrees with VictorVonDoom’s comment. Does look like a Magic Wand, for adults.

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