Old Wii news, but still relevant.

Netflix is bringing its instant streaming option to the Wii. Now the motion controller-dependent system can join the PS3 and XBox 360. If you’re not familiar with Netflix, it’s the service that will mail DVDs to the house and has a library of instant streaming movies and television shows, generally older releases.

Like the PS3, the Wii will need a disc (free) from Netflix to install the program needed to connect to online library.  Unlike Microsoft’s and Sony’s systems, the Wii will not be able load HD videos.

But, you know, us Wii owners are idiots when it comes to technology, so what do we care about HD? (Uh…that’s a reference to an article on this subject I read earlier that rubbed me the wrong way.)

All this comes from the NY Times, from January 13. Yes, old news. I dropped the wii-mote on this one. There’s a lot more information at the link, quite verbose but informative on the game industry and its worries about the future.

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