Tweet Leads to British Man’s Arrest

Across the Atlantic from this writer, over in the UK…

A frustrated update to Twitter from Paul Chambers, 26, saying he would “blow up the Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport ‘sky high’ if his flight was delayed” led to his arrest a week after it was posted.  It was considered a conspiracy to “create a bomb hoax” under the Terrorism Act.

He was arrested on January 13 and interrogated at the police station for seven hours before being released, his bail pending. The police have since then deleted the (terrorizing) tweet and have the man’s laptop, iPhone and desktop PC. Paul Chambers is now banned from the threatened Airport.

Airport Officials released a statement that supported the police’s decision to arrest Chambers. He is the first person in Britain to be arrested because of his twitter account.

So, Geeklings, do not threaten airports (and other big public places) on the interwebs. In this age of Security Everywhere, we must be careful. Voicing our harmless frustrations isn’t very harmless as it turns out.


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