Couch Cushion Achievements #9



Ah, yet another sports game for all of us gamers who don’t really like sports…

This weeks game is Major League Baseball 2K6.  This game gets you 1,000 points in three to four hours.

Let’s see how we do it shall we?

It’s probably worth your time to pick a team, max out its stats, and then take another team and lower that team’s stats. Now go to the cheats menu and enter: Derek Jeter. This unlocks a whole slew of cheats to make the points even easier to get. 

Super Slugger – 200 points
Blast three balls out of the park in one game with the same player on the "pro" difficulty setting.  Turn on the cheat that allows bunted balls to travel as far as regular hits; now bunt with every player.  Anytime you get on base, take over control of the runner and let the CPU hit the homers for you if you’re having issues

.Robbery! – 150 points
Make a wall-climb catch.  Play against a good-hitting team like the NL or AL All-Stars. Make sure to max out your outfielders fielding and speed stats and then use the batter-up cheat, the superdefense cheat, and the superturbo cheat. Once the game has started, move your fielders back (left bumper), make every pitch right down the middle, and when a ball is headed toward the seats, press up on the right analog stick when prompted.Offensive

Explosion – 300 points
Score 20 runs in one game on the "pro" difficulty setting. This should be no problem, but if you’re having trouble, activate the diamond cutters cheat, this awards you a run for stealing a base. With your players’ stats maxed out, they’ll steal bases with ease, especially if you lowered the catcher’s throwing ability.

Unhittable – 200 points
Strike out 15 batters with one pitcher on the "pro" difficulty setting. Use the cheats to enable 2-strike strikeouts.  Should be easy after that.

Thief – 150 points
Steal an amazing five bases in one game on the "pro" difficulty setting. With your players’ stats maxed out, they’ll steal bases constantly, especially if you lowered the opposing catcher’s throwing ability.


Ok, go out there and win it for 8DAG!!!

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