More details on Dead Space 2


  • Dead Space 2 will be set in a location called “Sprawl.” I’m inclined to think means the place will be huge, and apparently it will be. It will make Ishimura look like a midget.
  • Isaac will speak. Now whenever you die in game you can hear him vocalize your failure. There will also be more backstory for our Necromorph-slicing hero.
  • Developers are focusing on more horror, perhaps giving the game a haunted house feel to it. And scarier, more blood-thirsty enemies.
  • Isaac will be able to float/fly in zero gravity and control his movement by firing weapons.
  • It was confirmed that there will be online multiplayer.
  • Developers are working on refining general game play and original weapons, plus making new weapons.

Check out January’s Game Informer for big article on Dead Space 2, plus some pretty pictures.

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