God of War 3 – Now Beta-ing


Sony moved God of War 3 out of development and into beta testing at the end of November, and all seems to be going well. The March 2010 release date is drawing near and developers have said that the game is on track and set to meet the early spring deadline.

John Hight said on the PlayStation.com blog

“We just made beta with the game right before Thanksgiving, so we’re doing a lot of play-testing, tuning the game to make sure that it’s fun, got the right level of complexity and of course optimized so that it runs super-smooth. The entire game is complete — we’re not adding anything to it.”

“We’re going to go into the holidays and hopefully have the bulk of the tuning done,” he said. “I don’t know when the next press event is, but we’ll be spilling out stuff probably every month leading up to our release in March.”

It was added they will switch monsters around if they find it beneficial during the beta-testing.

There is a fully playable God of War 3 demo available with the now purchase-ble God of War Collection–a good purchase if you don’t own the games, or are a collector of all things God of War.

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