Couch Cushion Achievements #8


This week we’ll be taking a look at a game rated “E” for everyone (or easy points).  Open Season may be a game geared towards children but when you’re looking to increase your gamer score every game is points in the bank.

So without further banter let us begin.

Butterfly Badges – 15 points

Collect all 10 Butterfly Badges

Butterfly 1 In Timberline, after seeing dinkleman in the tire, go to Beth’s truck.
Butterfly 2 Butterfly badges 2,3,4 are in the trash badge sequence in timberline.
Butterfly 5 Go across the street after meeting elliot in Puni Mart Picnic, and turn right.
Butterfly 6 After Number 5, backtrack across the alley for badge 6.
Butterfly 7 In the Wake in the Wild, walk to the left of the log at the beginning.
Butterfly 8 You’ll get this badge when you throw elliot on the rock in Wake in the wild.
Butterfly 9 In Meet the Skunks, Meet the skunk, throw elliot onto a ledge in the meadow.
Butterfly 10 In Hoof it, it’s in the last section with the falling rocks.

Flower Badges – 15 points

Collect all 10 Flower Badges

Flower 1 In beaver damage, when you’re tasked with finding the replacement teeth,
throw elliot over the gorge.
Flower 2 In Beaver damage, when you slide down the path and go into the water,
swim around the dock.
Flower 3 In the beginning of Rocky River, steer to the right of the sandbar to get
Flower #3.
Flower 4 In Rocky River, during the ramp session, steer left when you see it.
Flower 5 After Flower 4, go under the dock and crash through.
Flower 6 After Flower 5, go between the rocks and hit the jump. You’ll land on it.
Flower 7 After Flower 6, steer around the rocks, until you see this off to the right.
Flower 8 In Shaw’s Shack, follow the path around the right of the cabin.
Flower 9 In Start the battle, go down into the clearing on the left side.
Flower 10 In Tanks alot, jump behind where you met the duck.

Trash Badges – 15 points

Collect all 10 Trash Badges

Trash 1 In the level Dinkleman Dreams, it’s on the rock right when you start.
Trash 2 In Dinkleman Dreams, On the rock right before you find dinkleman.
Trash 3 Badges 3 to 8 are on the second level, Timberline. You initiate the sequence by walking up to the back of the
truck and grabbing the badges in the road.
Trash 9 On the Puni Mart Picnic, go into the alley by the puni mart, where the person ran away.
Trash 10 After trash badge 9, go around the corner to get badge 10.

Feather Badges – 15 points

Collect all 10 Feather Badges

Feather 1 In Snow Blitz, after the falling Ice Column, jump to the ice path. It’s on the ledge to the left.
Feather 2 In Snowblitz, after the ice cavern, is on the sloped ice ledge.
Feather 3 In the first part of crazy quackers, after scaring the hunter by the truck, throw elliot to the ledge.
Feather 4 In the first part of crazy quackers, cross the bridge, and take the path to the left.
Feather 5 In Fowl duty, go back to the where the two hunters were and jump to the right
on the ledges.
Feather 6 In the second part of crazy Quackers, after repeating the code to the ducks,
Grab elliot and throw him to the far shore.
Feather 7 In Beaver Damage, get to the stone bridge/path. Throw elliot to the left.
Feather 8 In Beaver Damage, when you have to find the replacement teeth, throw elliot
onto the roof of the cabin.
Feather 9 In Beaver Damage, right after O’toole falls out of the tree and points out
Boswell. Run up there, and throw elliot up to the left.
Feather 10 This is a bit tricky. In Rocky River, make it to the sandbar. Steer left
around the bend and right around the outcropping. Jump to get the last feather.

Beetle Badges – 15 points

Collect all 10 Beetle Badges

Beetle 1 In Hoof-itAfter the waterfall, just ahead of the fourth log.
Beetle 2 In Hoof-it Above a rock on a bend towards the end of the race.
Beetle 3 In Mine Shafted, after the sequence of four lanterns, jump at the next.
Beetle 4 In Mine Shafted, you’ll get this on the second track sequence.
Beetle 5 In mine Shafted, after Acorn 8, you’ll get this by jumping the gap.
Beetle 6 After Mushroom 4 in hunted, throw elliot to the ledge to the right of the campsite.
Beetle 7 In Hunted, when Shaw spots you, throw elliot to the right.
Beetle 8 In hunted, after crossing the bridge, scare the hunters, go down the path to the right.
Throw elliot onto the ledge.
Beetle 9 In Snow Blitz, jump to the ridge in the center when you hit your first trees.
Beetle 10 In Snow Blitz, on the last set of snowy ledges, jump over some logs to get this.

Acorns Badges – 15 points

Collect all 10 Acorn Badges

Acorn 1 In Wake in the wild, when you come to the fork, go left. It’s at the dead end.
Acorn 2 Backtrack after Acorn 1, sticking to the left wall.
Acorn 3 When you earn the smell skill, go down the path that isn’t blocked by skunks.
Turn right, then hang a left.
Acorn 4 Get over the second fence in the level hoof-it.
Acorn 5 At the river in hoof-it, jump over the log on the left.
Acorn 6 In Scare Bear, throw elliot at this after moving towards the cabin
Acorn 7 In mine shafted, jump at the lanterns to get acorn 7.
Acorn 8 In mine shafted, at the second sequence of three lanterns, it’s obtained
by finished that set.
Acorn 9 In Hunted, watch the first shot of open season.
Acorn 10 In Hunted, go to the squirrels’ tree. Throw Elliot to the ledge on the left.

Track Badges – 15 points

Collect all 10 Track Badges

Track 1 In the trouble with trappers, throw elliot onto the chimney of the first cabin
in the clearing.
Track 2 In the trouble with trappers, grab elliot and throw him onto the bed of the
red truck.
Track 3 In Chainsaw cha cha, go behind the blue truck in the campsite.
Track 4 In Chainsaw cha cha, go behind the tents in the campsite.
Track 5 In Riley’s rampage, climb the log going down the path.
Track 6 In Rileys rampage, continue down the path. Scare the hunter on the walkway
of the cabin to the right, and collect your badge.
Track 7 In Riley’s rampage, climb the tree in the middle of the clearing after badge 6.
Track 8 In riley’s rampage, cross the covered bridge, and climb the tree there.
Track 9 In clear the ducks, it’s right after you scare the two hunters at the truck.
Track 10 In Clear the ducks, scare the three hunters by the shore. Grab the badge at
the truck.

Leaf Badges – 15 points

Collect all 10 Leaf Badges

Leaf 1 In Shaw’s Shack, walk up to the shack.
Leaf 2 In Start the battle, throw elliot onto the hunter’s tent.
Leaf 3 In start the battle, you’ll get this is you need to heal. Go to the tent
on the right side of the clearing and follow the path. When you get to the tree with
the squirrel, throw elliot.
Leaf 4 In the trouble with trappers, walk past cabin and up the path.
Leaf 5 In the trouble with trappers, head into the clearing with all the cabins.
Throw elliot onto the log pile.
Leaf 6 In Chainsaw Cha Cha, go around the rocks at the beginning.
Leaf 7 In the beginning of tanks a lot, knock down the tree with a tank. Climb the
fallen tree onto the rock, and jump to the next rock.
Leaf 8 In Tanks a lot, taunt the hunter into the fire. Grab a tank, and blow up
the tree to the left. Cross and jump down.
Leaf 9 In Clear the ducks, it’s in the middle of the pond.
Leaf 10 In Clear the ducks, it’s in the circle of canoes.

Mushrooms Badges – 15 points

Collect all 10 Mushroom Badges

Mushroom 1 After the skunks become your buddies, go to the shoreline in the grub area. Sniff this badge out.
Mushroom 2 In Scare Bear, Sniff behind the first hunter’s cabin.
Mushroom 3 In Scare Bear, sniff in the clearing.
Mushroom 4 In hunted, when you surprise the hunters with the squirrel, throw elliot into the gap.
Mushroom 5 In hunted, when you’re tasked with getting to the top of the mountain and you gas the hunters, sniff around.
Mushroom 6 After Mushroom 6, go to the bridge and sniff down the path to the right.
Mushroom 7 In Hunted, after you scare the hunter in the cave with a rabbit, smell and throw elliot into the air
at the next right turn.
Mushroom 8 In the first part of Crazy Quackers, smell and walk up the left of the shore.
Mushroom 9 In the second part of Crazy Quackers, Swim to the island on the right of the lake when smelling.
Mushroom 10 In the second part of Crazy Quackers, smell by the path to the truck.


Collection Rewards – 100 points
Find every badge in the game. (those are the ones written above)

Buddy with All Animals – 15 points
Become buddies with Deer, Rabbits, Ducks, Skunks, beavers, squirrels, and porcupines.

Also gaining all of the points in each level not only gets you 20 points per level but if you succeed in getting all of the points in all of the levels you also gain another 100 points.

This isn’t all of the points in the game but it does cover the big ones (most of the rest are 5 points a piece and sometimes it’s just not worth digging into the couch for a penny)

In this weeks CCA we’ve found 850 points of cartoon goodness.  So now you can go ahead and put the cushion back on the couch.

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