What’s in my bag (Jesse aka The Pen of Doom)


I posted this at the end of my profile page but I have gotten a lot of requests to make it a bit more public and put it into a post.  So here I am regurgitating it to you so as to save you a couples of clicks.



Whats in my bag

(starting from the left top)
1. Laptop complete with decor
2. Blackberry Bold 9700
3. WD My Passport 500Gb drive
4. AAA size MagLight (you never know when you’ll need to open a computer case)
5. A spare 2Gb flash drive (just in case I need to loan one to someone)
6. Jawbone 2 bluetooth headset
7. Victornox executive swiss army knife (it has a retractable ball point pen instead of a tooth pick)
8. Sony e-reader PRS-505 (if you sit and wait for interviewees often or just have free time you can’t live without this)
9. Cingular 8525 (always have a usb chargeable backup phone when you’re on the road)
10. A spare laptop battery (this ones self evident)
11.  A Moleskine notebook (digital is good but nothing conveys feeling like pen and paper)
12. Fisher space pen ink cartridge in a Parker Jotter pen (a pen that works and writes in any situation I’ll ever be in)
13. A Batman checkbook (geeky but true)
14. My leather legal notebook (holds stuff and has paper in it, great for first drafts and brainstorming)

Well that’s about it.  I’m a bit of a pack rat so all manner of other things get put in my bag at any one time.

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