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usboutlet.phpHave you ever wanted to plug your USB gadget into the wall for charging without the use of some goofy looking adapter?  Then today is your day.  The geniuses at Truepower will be delivering unto us geeks (it releases early next year) a home power outlet that, as you can see, has two USB ports on it for geeky charging practices.  So whether you are trying to charge your phone or just want to make sure that everyone that visits your home knows a geek resides there, you can head on over to FastMac and pickup one of these beauties for $10.  I ordered five…

For now.

What about you geeks?  Do you think this is going to become more popular as time goes on? Will you buy one…   or five?

Find them here:  FastMac (TruePower USB Outlet)

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  1. 3 are all I need. And yes I will buy them.

  2. I don’t have enough devices to warrant getting any of these. Perhaps one day I will.

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