WCS: Evil Diva

EvilDivaCover Evil Diva
by Team Diva
(Five awesome people work on this one.)

Evil Diva centers around 12-year-old Diva Beelze, a sweet girl who may not be the smartest, but she has a good heart. Therein lies the problem, though. She’s a devil.

Diva goes to a middle school for angels and demons. Her best friend is an angel and she can’t get along with the other demons at school. Diva’s family isn’t too happy that their little girl is so kind, but they have hope that she’ll outgrow it.

Because of her penchant for kindness, a mysterious scepter chooses Diva as its new wielder. This is a scepter that men have fought wars over, empires have fallen and risen because of it– and well, it’s in the cover to the left and wasn’t quite that cute before it was given to Diva. It’s basic function is to change the appearance of the person depending on the situation they’re in, and then it can do a few other things… which have yet to be explored.

The art is cute without being overly cute, if that makes any sense. And, more importantly, it’s consistent. While comedic elements are usually present, the arcs have involved mystery and some light drama. The current issue is oh so mysterious, and has given me a new favorite character.

Evil Diva updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Page 1: Here

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