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We’ve been waiting for a long time and the day has finally arrived.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is on store shelves.  I picked up a copy of MW2 and played the crap out of it so now I guess the right and just thing to do would be for me to tell you about it.  Welcome to my review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The first thing you are greeted with as you start the game is a montage of site and sound (along with some credits) that will recap the last modern warfare game.  After that montage, which is pretty cool to watch so don’t just skip it, it’s onto business as usual.

MW2 has taken the great graphics of the first game and made them godly.  At 1080p I can practically feel dust hit my face as the wind blows in game.  Explosions are greatly satisfying and weather seems all to real.  Comm chatter between your team mates is all original.  There are very few moments of, “bogey spotted” and , “in that building”; MW2 has chatter such as, “there’s a bogey behind that white truck” and, “in the shop with the red and white roof”.  MW2 keeps on the intensity that we, as gamers, have come to expect from the series.

Weapons in MW2 not only have handy add-ons like thermal sights, heartbeat monitors, and under the barrel shotguns, but the shear number of weapons is amazing.  Every time you start a mission you tend to have a different weapon and that breaks up the monotony of always having an M4.

Audio is an integral part of any gaming experience and in this area again MW2 fails to fail.  Using a Dolby 5.1 system I could hear where the person was who was talking to me and could hear enemies walking softly through a building because of their breathing.

While there aren’t many scenes that I think warrant people skipping them, MW2 does give you that option just in case these scenes offend you or just plain hurt your feelings (this is a testament as to how brutal MW2 has gone, they aren’t sugar coating war anymore).

Lastly one of my favorite things about MW2, and no game developer could ever over estimate this enough in my eyes, is the ability to think on your feet and flank your opponent.  If you’re on a city street with enemies shooting your guys like fish in a barrel, find an alley to get around them or find a building that has roof access and use it to your advantage.  This feature really shows off the enemy AI which so smart it’s scary.

Final thought:  BUY BUY BUY  if you own one of the system this game is available for and you like the Call of Duty series or FPS games in general you would be crazy no to go out and buy this game today.

Score:  9.75 (because as ten worthy as it is no one gets a ten)

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  1. This game is awesome, couldnt agree with you more. I got my copy at midnight, along with a set of Night Vision Goggles.

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