Couch Cushion Achievements #4


Yeah, yeah, I know this CCA is a bit late but as geeky as I am, I still don’t backup like I should and ended up loosing my original, so this is CCA #4 Mark 2.  There is a lesson here; you’re never safe from data loss, no matter who you are, so backup.

Our game for this week is NBA 2K6 which has a whopping 5 achievements.  I know what you’re thinking, “Jesse, if it only has 5 achievements then I will probably have to beat the game to get them and I don’t have that kind of time.”  Well, never fear, let me tell you how to get all 5 achievements in one game (aprox.12 minutes and 1000 GP).

Ok, so here we are in the game.  NBA 2K6 allows you to give yourself one heck of a handicap when it comes to single games.  For all of these achievements the easiest team to use is The Western All-Stars.  Set the game to rookie and lets setup for some gamer point carnage.

  1. Get a triple-double (A triple-double is when a player reaches double figures in three of five offensive categories – scoring, assists, blocked shots, steals or rebounds).  Start a game and go to the options menu to set our game sliders.  Give yourself full three pointers, blocks, rebounds, etc and put them all down for the CPU. Set the game to a time you think you’ll be able to achieve them all. I used 12 minutes total game time. (250 GP)
  2. Score 50 points with a single player.  With all of the sliders on your side you shouldn’t miss any shots so this will be a breeze. (150)
  3. Score 140 points with any one team.  Just play a game (again with the sliders on your side) and shoot as many three pointers as you can.  The points should rack up quickly. (200 GP)
  4. Make 15 three pointers in one game.  As proof of concept I set my sliders and got this achievement with Shaq.  (150 GP)
  5. Grab 20 rebounds with any player.  With this one we want to take our shooting sliders down so that we miss shots and substitute all of our tallest players in so that when we miss a shot they rebound it.  Now steal the ball constantly and let the rebounding commence. (250)

Ok, there you go.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.


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  1. I like points, but I’d have to play a basketball game for like half an hour. EHHH

  2. Hey Deppcharge, You should check out Couch Cushion Achievements #3. Avatar only takes 5 mins for 1000 GP. It’s a very easy game but if you want quick points that’s your game. Thanks for the comment.

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