The Warriors Three

The Warriors Three for the upcoming Thor film have been cast. Please lament/rejoice below.

None of the rumors were true about who was going to be who. Robert De Niro’s name was floating around, and that might have been… eh, I don’t know, to be honest. Would he fit the Thor atmosphere? Jude Law was another famous face that people thought would be part of the cast. I can’t say with good conscious that he’s an action guy.

The film starts shooting in January of 2010.

Fandral will be played by Stuart Townsend, Hogun goes to Tadanobu Asano, and Volstagg will be played by Ray Stevenson. announced it, so it must be true!

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  1. Hogun the grim is perfect, and Fandral the dashing is good, but Stevenson as Volstag the Enormous? he’s supposed to weigh like 400 lbs!

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