L4D2: I just got brains on my $2000 suit!!!

3592337724_e02301be3f After having just played L4D2 I have only one thing to say…
I am afraid of zombies yet again.  Read more to see why you should be too.

After playing Left 4 Dead for so long you begin to remember what is where and how to get there from here; while the game is still fun it defiantly needs a small reboot.  L4D2 is certainly that reboot. 

To start with we’ll talk a little about the weapons then we’ll move on to the change in zombies and bosses. 

They are a mans best friend (yeah they rank above dogs, bring on the k9 hate mail).  The weapons in L4D2 have much more variety than L4D had.  In the game I encountered the original weapons: a pistol, a pump shotgun, a hunting rifle, and an Uzi, but all of those were just the beginning.  Later in the level I found a few very fun surprises including: a sniper rifle (30 rounds of scope-aimed gorgeousness), a silenced Uzi (so as not to wake the dead), a machete’ (heads go flying, there can be only one highlander), an electric guitar (twang sound when it spits a z’s head is included at no extra charge), a frying pan (just like momma used to make), a frickin’ katana (it’s for all of you ninjas out there, sorry pirates no cutlass) and that’s just a few of the main weapons and melee weapons.  Special weapons such as boomer bile, and the standard Molotov & pipe bomb couple also make appearances.  Valve has remedied one of my complaints, when a player died you had to wait around for him or her to respawn in a safe place whereas in L4D2 you can carry a defibrillator with you instead of a health pack (you can’t use the defib on yourself so this could mean you taking one for the team) so that you can revive downed players.

Ah now my friends we move on to the zombies…
Among the new zombie types are: riot suit zombies (shooting these badies in the back is the only sure kill shot), chargers (a smaller version of a tank), Jockeys (they jump on your dome and ride you around), oh yeah and most of the witches walk around now.  Now on to the review because you can find out all of the nuances of this game right after you buy it.

The visuals of L4D2 are much improved from scenery to the actual damage done to zombies with any of the numerous weapons (severed heads, missing limps, and holes in the torso).  Music and ambience has always been a strength of L4D and the sequel is no different.  The zombies seem to be much more aggressive and a bit smarter because they will see you coming with your flashlight on a lot sooner than if you had it turned off.

So what do i think?  Buy, Buy, Buy.  If you like FPS, zombies, and teamwork then there is no reason no to buy this game.  That is unless you’re scared.

The Bottom Line:  9.25
(I could carry a pistol and a machete but my character can’t, controls seem just a hair jerkier than the last game.)

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