Top 10 Games That Need A New Age Sequel

10: Primal Rage


I start off with a game with an awesome concept, you are either a giant monkey or a dinosaur and you have to beat the hell out of rival giant monkeys and dinosaurs and while your at it, you eat people. Plus, look at that game flyer, you can uppercut dinosaurs while being an evil monkey! What could possibly be more fun?

9:Lost Vikings


While most people have no idea what I’m talking about, the few who have found this underrated masterpiece and it’s not too shabby sequel will agree, we need a new Lost Vikings game. This game was one of the best platformers that incorporated puzzles as well, making it a precursor to games like Spyro and new gen Mario.

8:Killer Instinct


A firey Skeloton, A robot, a raptor man or a werewolf, you can choose these badasses and more! Why have there been a thousand Tekken,Mortal Kombat,Virtua Fighter, and street fighter games but only two Killer Instinct?I had a lot of trouble picking this over the Gex games, but I decided Geico has done great with that idea so they should keep it.

7:Comix Zone


Children of the Sega remember this bad ass game, you were a cool comic book artist(which all kids in the 90’s wanted to be) that was sucked into a comic! Your bad-assery know no bounds as you and your faithful pet rat go through panel after panel and bitch-smack around mutants and robots.Visually one of the best ideas ever.



A franchise that should of extended past Sega, I had to choose between this game and the Croc games, Vectorman wonbecause he was a cool robot made of green balls? Okay so that’s strange but you were trying to stop a giant robot with a nuke for his head from exploding his head? Well, I guess it’s more believable than a plumber saving a princess from a monster turtle.

5:Earthworm Jim


Say what you want, but this super fun game created an awesome sequel and an entertaining cartoon. So what if it was a worm in a robot suit, have you seen the premise for the other games we play?(see above). Plus with his revival we could see the return of Boogerman!

4:Legend Of Dragoon


Classic RPG’s are all but dead and it seems like a new and interesting light needs to be shone, why not focus on one of my personal faves, Legend Of Dragoon, go around collecting powerful allies who can summon the abilities of the elements while facing a larger threat, and even one of the bad guys becomes an ally when he See’s the error of his ways,Sound familiar? that’s because Avatar the last airbender stole this awesome idea and made millions off of it, way to go Dragoons you really screwed the pooch on that one.

3:Nights Into Dreams


A game made to stimulate your brain by giving you the feeling of flight sounded a little ahead of it’s time and with new tech this game could come back and blow our minds all over again. Who wouldn’t want to be a purple dream clown?



I’m not sure how this game never left the Snes and Sega, but come on who didn’t play this game with their best friend or brother and complain how hard it was? A new version that gives you more freedom and a little more depth would be TOADALLY AWESOME! It’s called 8 Days A GEEK for a reason.I had to make second place a tie because of the extremely addictive and fun Psychonauts, if this game was a few years older it would of taken this spot no prob, but I suggest to any platformer or puzzle game lover out there find this game you will not be disappointed.

1:Kid Icarus


Whether you played the addictive NES game or just cried like a sissy by being constantly beat by him in Super Smash Bros Brawl, you gotta admit Pitt is pretty effin cool. Mario made it being a plumber who ate mushrooms and sonic made it by being a hedgehog who could destroy robots with his face, so being a cherub who is always in constant fear of being turned into an eggplant isn’t that weird right?

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