Couch Cushion Achievements #6


Ok so the last few weeks I’ve given you a large amount of points…
Well that’s going to stop right this minute young man\lady!  I’ve run out of the big point games so I will start back where I was, describing easy points to get in all genres of games.

This weeks game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  MW2 doesn’t give you an unusually large amount of points but here are some of the points you can get in the course of the game.


First of all you get points for finishing each level, 15 to be exact and another 35 when you finish them all.  So just beating the game on easy (which took me 6 hours on regular) nets you 170 points.

Next some of the easier points to get.

Gold Star  20 GP – get 20 points just for getting one star in the spec ops section of the game.  With the alpha ops as your starting point this should only take ten minutes or so.

Hotel Bravo 20 GP –  if you can finish 4 spec ops on regular you’ll get another 20 points for having 4 stars total.

Two birds one stone 10GP –  this one only gets you 10 points but it is oh so satisfying.  The easiest op to get this in is evasion.  Just line up to poor bad guys and take one shot with your sniper rifle.  You can find two such goons pretty close to the beginning of this level.

Well I know that there are only 220 points in this CCA, but what do you want from me?  You can’t always find change in the couch.  Besides I thought I was supposed to dock your allowance for 2 weeks after what you did to the cat last week…

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