Furries and the BBC News

The Internet is not The Internet without the furry fandom. It’s not a fandom I’m a part of, or that I’m remotely a fan of, but I know enough about it to competently mock the idiots that cross my IRC path. From time to time it produces some great art and comics (which I’ll probably post about later!)… and some horrible stuff I wish would leave my memory.

From the story:

A court case where the two defendants met on a “furry” website has put the spotlight in this little-known world. So what is a furry?

Full story: here.


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  1. This is the second Furries article you’ve written. I think you have a secret

  2. @Brandonwlobo
    I know. But Furries are a big part of The Internet. And I love The Internet. I cannot exclude those fuzzy butts too.

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