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My love for this comic knows no bounds. Just when I think “today’s comic is the best,” another comes out a week later that tops it.

Kawaii Not
by Meghan Murphy

Kawaii Not is cute, geeky and funny. At times it’s sweet, and at times it’s unnervingly creepy. If you can’t find humor in any of the comics, then your fun might be broken. Always four panels, always cute.

If you’re wondering, Kawaii is japanese for cute. (Kuh-why-ee.) It’s also fun to say. It happens to be one of those words that can be said a million different ways… or maybe I’ve just watched too much anime/J-Drama? But I’m off topic, this is about a webcomic.

There’s some really cute merchandise out for it, plus plenty of free 100×100 icons, many animated. (Admit it, everyone loves .gifs.) There’s also a book, if you are a fan of on-paper items.

I’ve been following Kawaii Not for over a year now, and maybe longer? I can’t recall who sent me a link to it, but it was one of those things I was instantly addicted to. On more than one occasion I’ve printed certain strips and magnet-ed them to the refrigerator for others to see.

As of today there are 301 comics posted. Kawaii Not updates Tuesday and Saturday on the website and LiveJournal.

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