Couch Cushion Achievements #5


Here we are again.  What is it with sports games?  I’m not a big fan of them myself but they have some of the easiest, most worth while achievements.  Well, this week it’s another sports game that will net you 520 G without even playing a game yourself.

Our game this week is Madden NFL 06.  All of the points that I am going to tell you about can be gotten with the season simulation feature.

First,  Activate the RS Card.  Easy just click in the right stick at just about any menu. That simple click gets you a simple 10 points.

Second, enter the history book.  No records or amazing wins needed just navigate the menus to look at any page in the history book.  This gets you another 10 points.

Now for the big ones.

Complete 30 Years of Franchise – This one takes time, but not nearly as much time as you might think. Yeah, you need to take your franchise team through 30 seasons, but with the ability to simulate seasons, this 400 points is only a few hours away, depending on your ability to occasionally press the start button.

Win the Super Bowl – Here you need to get your franchise team to win the Super Bowl. But nowhere in there does it say that you have to be at the controls. Pick a team that’s already got a winning roster, and then simulate the first season of a franchise over and over again until you get it. 100 points is your prize.

There you go.  Are you ready for some gamer points?

Do you have a game you want covered or have a game that gives easy points?  Tell use about it in the comments section.  We are always looking for more ideas.

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