Bully 2 Possibility

Bully-Scholarship-Edition-8Game composer Shawn Lee mentioned he will be doing the soundtrack for Bully 2 in an interview with Gaming Liberty. Exciting! (Well, if it’s exciting depends on if you liked the first game or not.)

It took me a while, but I did play Rockstar’s Bully and actually liked it. I didn’t think I would, since none of the GTA games get my panties in a bunch like you boys (and girls), but after the “hour” I played ended up being 3 hours I was officially in like with the game.

Where will the sequel be set? Different sources on the internet are speculating that it might follow Jimmy to college. As much as I liked being that brute, I’d rather the game be set in a new high school with a new crop of characters. Actually, I’d like to see Jimmy in the new game as the senior bully that shows up every once in a while to coach the new bully.


Source: The Gaming Liberty

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