No Live for Mods


From Icrontic Gaming:

Microsoft has claimed before that players who modify their Xbox 360s will be kicked off of the Xbox Live network, and today, followed up on that promise.

Modifying the console is against the Live terms of use and a number of subscribers have been banned for it.

Microsoft refuses to reveal how many of its 20 million Xbox Live player base has been given the boot, but rumors from the internet speculate it to be about 600,000 people, or 3%.  The company also refused to note if the kicks had been made over time or very recently.

So let this be a note to anyone considering modifying their consoles: Microsoft, at least, truly will not stand for it.

Jump over to CNET for an amusing story about modded XBoxes flooding Craigslist.

Since I don’t care about Live I could pick up a modded 360 from craigslist so I had one of my own at home! But then I would have to actually go out and buy the games instead of borrowing them. Too much money. Especially since I have the greatest friends who let me borrow things. And it helps that I take care of what I borrow.

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