Wii love Furries.

Move over, Furcadia, Wii technology and people with too much time on their hands are going to put you out of business.

Mechanical tail! He can use the nunchuck or RFID chip cards to tell the tail what to do. A man from China decided this was A Good Idea. But is it really? I… tend nod to think so. Nothing against furries, or the fandom, but I just watched an infomercial called “Shop Erotic” while going through some insomnia and I saw a few “toys” that did the exact same thing (minus the nun-chuck). I’m leaning toward Bad Idea and Another Reason To Avoid Asia.

Good or bad, this is some wii-erd shit

(I found this via my twitter feed and http://kotaku.com/5385421/nintendo-helping-furries-to-communicate)

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