Where The Wild Things Are: A Review

I have to go into this saying that I was expecting the next big sweep in movies. I was hoping W.T.W.T.A was going to shatter our views on the whole children movie thing, or at least shake it up. Instead, what we got was a semi-forgettable, average, children’s tale and even though I did like the movie, enough to recommend it, I was still greatly disappointed.

W.T.W.T.A is a good movie, not great, not life changing, good. That’s what kills me, because even though it had superb acting, gorgeous effects, good humor, and a solid message it ironically didn’t have heart. You can feel that it’s there but never do you feel he put his all into this.

I was hoping for so much that maybe, just maybe, I’m being hard on it. So, if you have children, or are a child at heart, I suggest to go see it. You will enjoy it, you just won’t love it. It’s not for young children, that’s for sure, unless your young children are quite smart.

It does have good feeling and a valuable message, especially for children with divorced parents. Overall, a strong suggestion to see it, but don’t rush yourself, and don’t expect too much out of it, like me.

Rating 3/5

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