Last One Standing: Joker VS Hannibal Lecter

For Halloween I wanted to do a pants crapping gruesome fight and after thinking for what seemed like seconds, I decided on Joker VS Hannibal Lecter. For the sake of continuity I’m only doing Joker from live action movies (otherwise it would be a very confusing fight.) Also, I am a huge fan of Joker so I had to get some outside assistance for this fight, and while physically these two aren’t threatening I decided to make it a battle of wits and crown the winner victorious based on how demented they are, the originality in the kills, and number of on screen kills.

Number of movies they appeared in:
3: Batman starring Adam West, Batman starring Michael Keaton, The Dark Knight.
5: Red Dragon, Man Hunter, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising.
Number of actors to portray them on screen:
3: Ceaser Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger.
3: Anthony Hopkins, Brian Cox, Gaspard Ulliel
Distinctive features:
Joker has milky white skin, green hair, and a menacing grimace, and sometimes scars or a mustache.
Receding hairline, creepy smile, and an extra finger on his left hand in which he severed off later on.
Job before becoming a crazed killer:
Joker has too many stories to wrap into one so we’ll just say he was kinda crazy, now he’s a lot of crazy.
Dr. Hannibal Lecter VIII was not only a Doctor of psychiatry, but a Lithuanian count as well.
Coolest kill:
The famous Dark Knight pencil trick.
After wearing another cops face on his own Hannibal rises to then kill and God knows what else to the officers grieving partner.
Most Heinous act:
Purposely destroying a hospital and making convicts and civilians decide who live is pretty bad, but shooting your number one guy for your own mistake is also a something pretty sick.
Eating the brains out of a still alive Ray Liotta was gross, and feeding said brains to a small Asian child after severing your own hand
Number of Kills:
Jokers on screen kills are said to be somewhere in the 50’s but after watching all three movies we only see about 20.
Hannibal has a screen count of 24 but his official page rates him at 39+
Lamest Moment:
He dehydrated the “security council.”
Was stabbed by Edward Norton.
Scariest fact:
The Joker has been diagnosed by the best as being “severely sane” which means each day he reinvents himself to be happy in a very un-happy time, that means there could be people who like him out there.
Dr. Hannibal Lecter is anything but crazy, completely level headed and a profound mind. The horrifying acts where loosely based on the true crimes of William Coyne, an inmate who escaped in 1934 in Mississippi.
Winner: Hannibal Lecter.
I know this is upsetting to some, but the true to life acts committed by Lecter are much more scary than acts of random insanity (or sanity?), plus in all three movies Joker gets caught. In all 5 of Lecter’s he only gets caught twice, making him the better criminal. If we added in Hannibal from the novels and Joker from the comics then this would be a different outcome all together.

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  1. Lecter seems to be the more calculating of the two. Plus, the incredibly calm demeanor adds something to his creepiness. I think the Joker likes to toy around a bit more (hence the moniker) which in the end only gets him screwed.

  2. I’ll go with Lecter THIS time.

    But in my heart, Joker always wins.

  3. oldpiece o shiet

    joker 4 life nigga

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