Gamer’s Survival Camp

This will be a regular feature by me that will help gamers to improve
themselves in various ways.

How to not look like a noob on xbox live.

1. Remember that people can see the games you’ve played. That means no Viva
Pinata as your first game.

2. Stay quiet on live chat unless you have something useful to say.
No arguing about who could kick who’s butt if they were to ever meet.
(Come on guys, let your game fingers do the talking)

3. Pad your gamerscore. Most people only look at your gamerscore and
not at the achievements that make it what it is. Use this and read my
other feature “Couch Cushion Achievements” for some easy points.

4. Have a friend add to your rep. Five stars means people like playing
with you and it looks good to othersĀ  passing by.

5. Stray away from stock avatars and stock gamer pics. These scream
noob. Custom means veteran…or something close to it.

I hope that these guidelines help you avoid getting labeled as a noob by
someone judging you by your gamer profile. People judging you by your
ability to die rather ungracefully in any situation is your problem.

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