iTunes – Genius Mixes

For those of you that use iTunes for your music cataloging…

Have you upgraded to 9.0? I still think the program is bloated, but it came with some nice features. There’s a “home sharing” option which may or may not work for me since I use XP and OSX, but what does work on both computers is the Genius Mixes.

It’s similar to the iTunes DJ/party mix but much better. You have to sign up for Genius, it will prompt you for your iTunes store user name and password. You have to make the decision to accept the agreement that iTunes can access your computer which I was worried about, since most of my music is of the free nature. After talking with a few people who have terabytes more content then me my concerns were quelled and I signed up for it.

(Feel free to make fun of my playlists, I have made peace with the fact that I am super lame.)

As you can see I don’t have many album covers… but this is basically what it looks like after iTunes has gone through your library and seen what’s there. It will also make 25 track playlists based on songs in the library that are supposed to be similar in style.  I’m pretty pleased with how things are paired up. As more people use the program and iTunes gets more information the combinations should improve, and since they aren’t bad now the Genius Mixes should get better as time goes on.

We’ll see!

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