Dream Cast: Captain Planet Trilogy

Dream Cast is a segment in which I will take a famous Cartoon, Comic, Book, ETC.. and cast it as if it were the next big Hollywood film, I try to stay realistic with which celebrities will star and how much the budget will be, I will also give a quick rundown of how I think the movie should progress. The first movie for the Dream Cast line up will be Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

First of all, Captain Planet with his preteen Planeteers telling kids about the benefits of recycling is a little dated, I thought that C.P could be an awesome trilogy concerning the environmental threats that we are facing now with a 20 something cast instead of children, all of which leading to a climatic ending. Movie one would be the rings finding the Planeteers and pulling them all together to Gaia’s island sanctuary, where we will learn they can summon a champion of the earth to help fight the dangers afoot. We then will meet movie one’s villains, Dr.Blight and her two bumbling fool henchmen Hoggish Greedly and Sly Sludge, whose plan to drill in Alaska will endanger many animals. Our team will fight them in a climatic battle in which we learn that pollution actually hurts Captain Planet, so our team will have to put there differences aside and learn to work together to beat the villains. So, on to casting.

Gaia – Catherine Zeta-Jones
Gaia is a “Racially ambiguous being of pure beauty and compassion” put some blue contacts into the stunning Zeta-Jones and you have your spirit of Earth.

Captain Planet – Mostly CGI voice David Coburn
Okay not much thought here I know , but the voice is perfect and with all the advancements in CGI and costumes/makeup we could see a really cool looking Captain

Kwame – Tongayi Chirisa
This was difficult I wanted that real African warrior side of the leader, Kwame to show through so I really wanted an actor with a legitimate accent and Tongayi from the short lived series Crusoe is a perfect fit for the earth loving Kwame.

Gi – Katie Leung
Not really much to go on here, Gi is the water powered oceanographer in training that is a cute Asian girl and plenty smart, and that’s about all I had in her description. I decided that Knowing many languages always makes a person look smart and Katie Leung of Harry Potter fame fits the cute bill.

Ma-Ti – Victor Rasuk
Ma-Ti is kinda lame, sorry, his ability is heart and his best friend is a monkey. I thought that Ma-Ti would work best as a comic relief character with a big heart. and after seeing Victors work in Stop-loss, I’m Reed Fish and his appearances on ER I think we have a great choice for this South American softy.

Linka – Jessica Boehrs
Linka is the sassy,hot blond love interest with the power of wind who won’t give Wheeler the time of day. She has a thick European accent and I was torn on trying to cast this role with someone who couldn’t carry the accent properly, so instead with some thinking and searching I remembered Jessica Boehrs, the insanely attractive love interest in Euro Trip.

Wheeler – Chris Evans
Okay this is our star, the guy who gets the girl, the reason you come in to the theaters, the hot headed street smart bad ass who learns to appreciate the beauty in life is the fire wielding Wheeler and who better to play a Fire Wielding(Fantastic 4) Hot Headed(Cellular) Bad Ass(Push) than Chris Evans.

Movie One Villains

Dr.Blight – Michelle Pfeiffer
Dr.Blight is the aging beauty with a cold heart and and a hot attitude. Michelle Pfeiffer showed me in Stardust that she can be an evil bitch and look awesome doing it.

Sly Sludge – Danny DeVito
Sly is the oil drilling scumbag who could care less what happens to the earth as long as he make a buck, and DeVito has shown time and time again he can play the sleaziest scumbag on the planet.

Hoggish Greedly – Timothy Spall
Hoggish is the owner of a mass polluting plant that make machines that pollute even more, all while looking like a pig monster. Timothy Spall from the Harry Potter movie is the number one actor when it come to deformed creeps.

Movie Two Villains

Looten Plunder – Christopher Eccleston
Looten Plunder, the slick as oil owner of a well known Timber empire, cuts down rain forest like they were overgrown weeds and instead of animals losing their home all Looten sees is money signs. The very dominating presence of Christopher Eccleston as the conniving main baddie and creator of the nuclear monster Duke Nuk’em would really help to sell the sequel.

Duke Nukem – Vin Diesel
So I don’t know much about copyright laws but this Duke Nukem was created before the video game character of the same name and it is also revealed that the name was never really registered under either this incarnation or the game version, but Vin Diesel as a mad science experiment with super radiation powers and as the big fight in the second movie is really cool sounding to me.

Movie Three Villains

Captain Pollution – Mostly CGI voice Fred Tatasciore
In movie three Looten bank rolls all the Ecovillains out of jail in order to defeat Captain Planet and the Planeteers, creating his own rings for each criminal Looten becomes the ring bearer of Deforestation the opposite of Earth, Sly bears toxic spills the opposite of water, Hoggish bears Smog opposite of air, A severely de-powered Duke bears Nuclear waste the opposite of fire, and Dr.Blight wields hate the opposite of heart, and with their powers combined they form Captain Pollution the bizzarro Captain Planet and main baddie of the third and final film.

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  1. Good Job! I can see all those people playing those characters. I used to watch this show religiously when I was little and I'm surprised they haven't cashed in and made the movie yet.

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