Black Dynamite

Why is there no hype for Black Dynamite?

About two months ago I saw a trailer that I thought was all in fun, Black Dynamite. This is a parody of seventies blaxploitation crime dramas, and it looks phenomenal considering the biggest star is the guy who played spawn and has some bit roles here and there. I think that Black Dynamite will revive parody film making and pull it out of this horrible slump of Movie movies (Scary movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, ETC.) and put it back like the good ol’ days (Airplane, Hot Shots, Naked Gun) I mean come on even the cast is parodied with different names which makes it all the more funny. I’ll let you watch the trailer and you tell me.

All kinds of awesome, right? I’m actually excited about this movie, even if it’s destined to fail, there are no commercials or any real advertisements so I’m not sure what the studio was aiming for but I for one plan on seeing it. Coming to theaters October 16 2009.

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