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Shane Acker’s new post-apocalyptic animated adventure started out as a short (which I loved), and was promptly turned into a full length feature. It seem an odd choice on turning something that was only eleven minutes long into a movie, but with 9 it worked, and worked well. I’m not saying that 9 will change the way you see movie’s but I believe it is opening the animated movie idea up in the age range, seeing it I realized it’s not for children under 10, Which is something I was hoping would happen in the animation field for some time.

9 has it’s times of preachy messages(don’t rely on machines so much, don’t use weapons of mass destruction, ETC), but the over all look and feel of the movie really pulls you away, viewing Ackers desolate view of a possible future is almost bonechilling enough, but to top it off the narration of what happened makes you worried about where we’re going.

The premise of the movie is simple, small robots try to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by frightening monster robots. When you first meet the stitch punks you really see great characteristics in all of them, you know these kind of people so you can relate to the attitudes shown by each one, 1 is the wise yet stern leader (Christopher Plummer), 2 is the eccentric aging inventor(Martin Landau), 3 and 4 are mute twins who know the history of about everything they find, 5 is the loyal friend who is afraid of everything (John C. Reilly), 6 is a very strange artist who the others don’t quite understand (Crispin Glover), 7 is the, I guess you would consider it love interest, who is the warrior of the group (Jennifer Connelly), 8 is the tough guy enforcer (Fred Tatasciore) and 9, the title character and hope filled hero (Elijah Wood).

The movie definately considered an action thriller which gives me hope of more adult oriented CGI projects. Great pace and nonstop action make 9 one the most fun movies of the summer and what it lacks in some of the story departments it makes up for with dark and dreary landscapes and great enemies. A must see for fans of post-apocalyptic movies, dark Tim Burton like tones, or anyone interested in animation.

3/5 rated by Brandon Williams

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  1. I was not sure if it was going to be worth the money but you've never steered me wrong before.

  2. It was good. Not spectacular, but pretty good. And you were right, it lacked a little in the story department. 🙂

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