Apple Rock and Roll Event

Our Apple Rock and Roll Event Coverage

Click the read more link to see a summary of what went on at the Apple Rock and Roll Event.

– iPod Nano gets a camera, microphone, and a speaker
– iPod Nano gets a voice recorder app and an FM radio
– iPod Nano prices $149 8Gb & $179 16Gb with new colors too

– iPod Shuffle goes to $59 for the 2Gb Version
– iPod Shuffle gets new colors and a stainless steel version

– iPod Classic is not going away and is now 160Gb

– iPhone OS 3.1 is available today with enhancements and bug fixes

– iTunes 9 is available today with improvments to the iTunes Store
– iTunes 9 lets you have new control over organizing your apps on iPhone OS 3.1

– Apples new movie and music format will allow music and movie extras like DVD and Blu-Ray

Okay I think I covered the most important and relevant parts of the presentation. Apple’s site is up to date so you can go there to get anymore info on the upgrades and to buy your new iPod Nano.

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  1. So, they put a camera, mic, and speaker, but not the ipod touch? That doesn't make sense to me.

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