Andromeda Is On Its Way To F-Up Our Day

Episode 84 Hosts:Jesse Miller @penofdoomSean Scott  @seanmlscott Blurbs:Captain Marvel’s Geocities site (LINK)Simpsons gets renewed (LINK)Deadwood gets a date…sort of (LINK) … Continue reading

The One Where Sean Climbs Everest

Episode 67 Hosts: Jesse Miller @penofdoom Sean Scott  @seanmlscott Blurbs: Ash gets cancelled (LINK) Verne Troyer Dies at 49 (LINK) … Continue reading

It’s All My Fault

Episode 40 Hosts: Jesse Miller @penofdoom Sean Scott  @seanmlscott Blurbs: Bill Paxton passes away (LINK) Judge Wapner passes away (LINK) … Continue reading

Wizard World St. Louis Local Artist Spotlight

  Indie films have been a big part of my generation.  Films like Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, Kevin Smith’s Clerks, and Richard Linklater’s Slacker showed us … Continue reading