Andromeda Is On Its Way To F-Up Our Day

Episode 84

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Sean Scott  @seanmlscott

Captain Marvel’s Geocities site (LINK)
Simpsons gets renewed (LINK)
Deadwood gets a date…sort of (LINK)

Video Games:  
New legislation for a Mature games tax (LINK)

TWD loses another cast member (LINK)
EC Comics teams up with Hivemind (LINK)
Motor Girl being developed for hulu (LINK)
CBS orders The Stand to series (LINK)
Amazon to begin production on Dark Tower series (LINK)

Nest wasn’t hacked you just have a bad password (LINK)
SpaceX gets a new rocket engine and it screams (LINK)
Fitbit’s new tracker is bare bones for a reason (LINK)
Google Fiber backs out of Louisville (LINK)
Amazon adds “just the tip” to drivers pay (LINK)

Wanna be in a Kevin Smith movie? (LINK)

Andromeda to side swipe the Milky Way a little later (LINK)

What the hell are you up to?
Jesse: Prusa i3 Mk3, Bandersnatch, iPad Pro 12.9
Sean: Slobby Robbie, router set up

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