Wizard World 2017 Recap: The Artists, Writers, Gamers, Etc.

Aside from the panels, Wizard World brought with them writers, artists, illusionists and they even brought back the gaming that they introduced last year.


There were many writers who came, both novelists and comic writers. We perused the aisles and it was incredible to see the amount of talent that was there. There were sci-fi, and romance novels. As well as comics of varying genres. Everything looked so interesting, I only wish I ad been able to purchase something from everyone there. Not only from the writers, but the artists as well. I seen a lot of the same artists from last year along with some new ones, all extremely talented in their preferred medium. One of my personal favorites was Jerry Pesce’s artwork www.pescEffects.com. It was vibrant and covered any pop culture icon you could think of. I highly recommend you check out his work.


Last year, Wizard World brought a new exhibit – gaming. The showcased some upcoming games and people were able to preview them. There was also a tournament. They brought that back this year. Gamers were able to play Smash Bros, Tekken and Street Fighter V. There were also tournaments to see who would be the reigning champ. On the Entertainment stage a variety of shows took place hosted by celebrity Kato Kaelin. The Masters of Illusion from the CW were on hand to perform amazing acts of magic. Juggler Brian Pankey as well as ventriloquist Kevin Horner. Wildlife Command Center was back again with another Falconry display teaching everyone the importance of the birds of prey and what you can do to help protect them.


There were two separate events within Wizard World that were an additional cost. One was celebrity guest Gene Simmons and his bands show at the Pageant. This was hosted in part with local radio station K-SHE 95. The concert was held on Saturday with doors opening at 7pm. Another event was the Rocky Horror Picture Show Extravaganza. This was a special screening of the movie complete with original props and costumes. The showing was to be hosted by Barry Bostwick, who played Brad Majors in the movie. Unfortunately, he had to cancel due to scheduling conflicts. Though I did not attend the screening, I was able to see a plethora of fantastic cosplayers ready to attend.


We are looking forward to seeing what Wizard World has in store for us next year. We will see you there!

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