Top 8 Cosplay: Wizard World STL 2017


Wizard World stopped by St. Louis for the fifth consecutive year April 7-9 and 8daysageek was there as always to bring you the highlights.  Now, let’s all be honest here, you may enjoy the celebrity panels, the vasts amount of merchandise, or the fantastic artwork, but the highlight of every show are the cosplayers.  Costumes from every genre scatter the floor of the convention center and we do our best to grab photos of them all.  Based on no criteria other than my own individual opinion, i will now count down my top 8 cosplayers of this year’s convention.  But before we do that, here’s a gallery of the cosplay that did not find their way on to my list.



A big kudos to everyone featured above.  Fantastic jobs were done all-around.  As you can see, there were amazing costumes everywhere, but now it’s time to count down my top 8 favorites.


#8. Gengar—I’m not afraid to admit I’m still playing Pokemon Go.  Anyone who listens to the 8daysageek podcast can vouch for that.  Even though my Pokedex already contains a Gengar—thanks to last year’s Halloween special event—I was happy to see this guy make an appearance at the convention.  The only reason this costume doesn’t end up higher on the list is because it essentially reminds me of a sports mascot’s costume.  But they still deserve some recognition on my list.



#7. Darkwing Duck—As everyone knows, “when there’s trouble-u, call D-W”.  There was no need to make that call however, as the Terror that Flaps in the Night was already present Friday evening when we arrived.  I’m a bit of a sucker for cartoon characters, as you will see when one more finds it’s way on to this list later on.  And with Ducktales getting all the love recently due to its upcoming reboot, it was good to see another weekday afternoon cartoon being represented at the convention.




#6. Negan, Michonne, and Daryl-There is nothing overly spectacular about this cosplay.  Especially with the abundance of Negans there were this year.  What earns this family a spot on my list is just that.  It’s a family costume.  And when this father made his kids drop their weapons and kneel on stage during the costume contest, the crowd went wild. Whether they were cheers of approval or not is a topic for another time, but in my opinion…they earn #6 on my list.



#5. Bender and Lela—Now here is a costume I thoroughly enjoy!  I loved this show when it was on television and I still regularly re-watch the entire series on Netflix.  This couple earns a free Slurm and the #5 spot on my list for their creative and crafty costume.  And if you don’t like it, you can bite my shiny metal ass!



#4. Optimus Prime—You absolutely have to give props to the cosplayers who are willing to sweat away inside a heavy costume all day just to enjoy the time they get to spend being their favorite fictional characters.  But even bigger props go to the cosplayers who spend their day in costumes like this one that require stilts and someone to guide you along so as to not injure yourself or others.  This is real dedication.  For that reason, the leader of the Autobots grabs the #4 spot on this year’s count-down.



#3. Queen of Hearts—Don’t get me wrong, the Queen of Hearts’ costume is fantastic.  But the real star of this show is her guard.  As you can see by the previous entry on this list, I am a sucker for the large elaborate designs.  This one may not require stilts…and his weapon may be less than intimidating, but I’m impressed enough to give this couple the #3 spot on this year’s list.


#2. Hocus Pocus—Talk about unexpected!  I know Wizard World is truly a pop culture event and not just a comic-con, but I did not anticipate the witches from Hocus Pocus appearing at the show.  These costumes are incredibly crafted and even though this movie isn’t necessarily on any lists of my favorites, I’ve got to give credit and the #2 spot on this list to Winifred, Sarah, Mary, and Billy.  That brings us to the final spot on this year’s list.  And with a perfect combination of my personal secret criteria, the best cosplay of this year’s Wizard World St. Louis is…



#1. K-2S0—I told you I was a sucker for the big creatively built costumes and this one is the best of the night in my opinion.  I enjoyed Alan Tudyk’s portrayal of the droid from Rogue One immensely and was thrilled to see this cosplay walk out on stage.  I don’t feel the costume contests at Wizard World necessarily give enough credit to the large-scale build costumes like this or the previous entries on this list, so I am taking it upon myself to award our completely worthless designation as the best in show to our friend K-2S0…may he rest in peace.



There you have it folks!  My Top 8 Cosplays from this year’s Wizard World St. Louis.  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know on Twitter @SeanMLScott.  Thank you to Wizard World, their staff, and the convention guests for another great show.  And an even bigger thank you to the cosplayers and con-goers who bring the convention back to St. Louis year after year!

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  1. #4 is Ultra Magnus. Not Optimus Prime

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