Bill Gates is Sean’s Spirit Animal

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Episode 30

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Sean Scott  @seanmlscott

Self driving car test (LINK)
Mac Candle (LINK)

Video Games:
Mafia 3 FPS fix on the way (LINK)
Oculus Rift gets some new tricks (LINK)(LINK)
Fallout and Skyrim PS4 get mods after all (LINK)

Sherlock says goodbye? (LINK)
Iron Fist gets a premiere date (LINK)
Twin Peaks revival (LINK)
Power of the Daleks details (LINK)
Walton Goggins lands a new gig (LINK)

Google Pixel (LINK)(LINK)(LINK)
More Perks for Prime Members (LINK)
DJI’s new drone can hang on your belt (LINK)
Did the NSA have another leak? (LINK)

Netflix hits the big screen (LINK)

Get fired for watching porn and sue your job (LINK)

What the hell are you up to?
Jesse: Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, Osiris: New Dawn
Sean: winning a fantasy baseball championship, hating Apple

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