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Episode 16

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Sean Scott  @seanmlscott

Video Games:

Xbox One dropped to $299
Microsoft game conference snafu (LINK)


CBS picks their Macgyver (LINK)
Doctor Who casts new companion (LINK)
Hawkeye wants a TV show (LINK)

Apple Announcement (LINK)
The FBI doesn’t need Apple’s stupid firmware (LINK)
Microsoft forces users to Windows 10


Simon Pegg in talks for Ready Player One (LINK)
Indiana Jones 5 might be less than good (LINK)
Batman vs Superman
(Thanks to The Film Theorists for helping me to beat Sean with science)
This is the video I used. I may have cheated, but Sean doesn’t need to know that.


What the hell are you up to?

Jesse: Ubiquiti Access Point, Planning for my first plane ride
Sean: Fantasy Baseball, Nightlord: Sunset

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