Wizard World Chicago – Honest Trailers Panel

One of the things I try to do at Conventions is look into things I’m not already familiar with.  I can honestly (pun intended) say I had never heard of Honest Trailers before I decided to attend this panel; and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.


Type “best” or “worst” trailers into Youtube sometime and enjoy the rabbit hole you’ll lose an entire evening down.  The Internet is riddled with people’s lists of the best and worst movie trailers ever produced.  One I’ve always enjoyed is devoted to movies who failed to live up to the potential that the trailer brought forth.


The Honest Trailers team takes it a step further.  They take the film, once released for general purchase and create their own trailer using the film’s footage and their own script to tell you what’s REALLY going on.


These re-imaginings are often barb-riddled snark filled hilariously accurate portrayals of what the film was at its core.  As the team talked about during the Panel they don’t always take movies that they hated (like Twilight and Transformers: Age of Extinction), they sometimes create Honest Trailers for movies they loved, like Mad Max (which they premiered at the Panel) and Toy Story which are clearly both favorites of the creators.


In essence Honest Trailers is a funny way of looking at a film’s flaws, incongruousness and logic pitfalls…and sometimes just pointing out how stupid the film and the characters are.


If you’re looking to have a good laugh mixed with some actual introspection about a film, sit down and watch some Honest Trailers.



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