The Skyrim Library Vol. 1

skyrimlibraryvol1aI thought I knew a few things about The Elder Scrolls.  I thought I knew a few things about the lore of Skyrim.  That’s what I get for thinking. I was going to post this review a few weeks ago, however, this book has so much content in it that it took quite a bit of page turning to finish.

The Skyrim Library Vol 1 contains the history of the Septims and their rule along with history of just about every person of interest in the game’s lore.  Do you know what the Skyrim calendar looks like, I didn’t? Check it out.

skyrimlibraryvol1bThere is great wealth of information in this book as well as beautiful drawings.

skyrimlibraryvol1cFor anyone who is into The Elder Scrolls and the immense amount of history and lore that is a part of every RPG worth it’s weight, this book is a must.  If you love art books for your favorite franchises this book has you covered too.  The cover is almost a suede feeling material and would look good on any bookshelf you sit it on.

skyrimlibraryvol1dThe Elder Srolls Skyrim Library Vol. 1 was compliments of Titan Books.
Photos courtesy of Bethesda.

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