The New 8 Days a Geek Podcast!!!

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The New 8 Days a Geek Podcast

Episode 1

Jesse Miller @penofdoom
Sean Scott  @seanmlscott


Windows 10: Do you have it? (LINK)
Google Sunroof (LINK)
Google OnHub Router (LINK)
Google lets businesses mail in their data (LINK) (LINK)
Comcast says that speeds will get better (LINK)
Smart City pays the FCC for blocking Wifi (LINK)
Video Games:
Fallout Shelter for mobile (LINK)
Fallout 4
Star Citizen social features launch to backers (LINK)
Until Dawn

Longmire returns on Netflix 9/10/15
Suits summer finale
Mr. Robot postpones finale
Colbert announces first week of guests premieres 9/8/10
Sons of Anarchy spin off

Minions passes $1B at the worldwide box office
New footage from Force Awakens

What the hell are you up to?
Jesse: Elite Dangerous, Dorothy must die
Sean:  Rick and Morty, Borderlands 2


About Jesse (The Pen of Doom)

A small time blogger with big time dreams and a love for everything geek.
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