William Shakespeare’s The Clone Army Attacketh

Attacketh 1

Do ye liketh Star Wars? Do ye liketh Shakespeare? Then hark with much attention.

 I will admit that while I enjoy some of William Shakespeare’s stories, I was a bit skeptical about using his vernacular to tell a story as modern as Star Wars, boy was I wrong.  If you like Star Wars then this is a great addition to your library.  Once you get a few pages into the book the patterns come naturally to you and you start to imagine a story with swashbuckling heroes , damsels in distress, valiant knights of a order based on honor, and villains that know how to play their foes against one  another. Ian Doescher has verily channeled Shakespeare into a modern classic.

You can go to this link and view a couple pages of the book to find out what you’re missing.

This is, as anyone with any Stars Wars knowledge will know, the second book in the trilogy. These books add a poetry to the story of Star Wars that is missing in the films.  I know what some of you are thinking, “I don’t even acknowledge that the first three episodes exist, why would I want to read them?”, but I believe that reading the story like this actually makes the first three films better (their stories anyway).

In closing, go to the site, read a couple pages of the book for free, and make your own decision.  I will tell you this though, Yoda a lot more since makes in Shakespeare’s vernacular.

William Shakespeare’s The Clone Army Attacketh was compliments of Quirk Books.

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