The Vampire, the Hunter, and the Girl


Adam and Jesus (the vampire and the hunter) have an innate antagonism, which is only heightened once they discover they’re competing for the affections of the same girl. Olivia (the girl) is an aspiring author struggling to write a vampire novel. What none of them yet know is there’s a menacing force looming that will change the course of their lives forever.

From the extraordinary mind of Martin Lastrapes comes another great story…
and this time a promise of two more books.

The Vampire, the Hunter and the Girl (the first book in a trilogy) follows Adam, Jesus, and Olivia as their paths slowly intersect and intertwine to bring you an adventure that is shaping up very nicely.  One of the things I noticed in Martin’s last book (Inside the Outside) and in this book is the way that he puts you in a groove and a safe place in the story, then he rips it all away and takes your imagination by storm.  Be warned, however, this is (like his last novel) a book written for adult readers.

Martin creates a rich and detail filled back story for each of his characters in this story and it makes you truly understand the forces that drive each of them.  Adam is a young vampire who’s creator disappears, leaving him to figure out the finer points of being a vampire and leaving his family behind.  Adam’s youth (he is about 60 years old total) causes him to be more human than some of his vampire brethren, some of his vices include movies and pie.  I especially like the reason Adam gives for most other vampires not eating regular food; it doesn’t sustain them in any way and what goes in must come out (would you poo if it did you no good).

Olivia is an aspiring author that is just looking for a new idea to help her start writing the vampire novel she’s always wanted to write.  When Adam finds Olivia and offers to help her with his insider knowledge, she jumps at the chance…
but there’s a catch and I won’t tell you what it is because finding out is half the fun.  Olivia is also friends bordering on more with Jesus with whom she shares a love of wrestling (the WWE kind).  Olivia isn’t trying to play one man off the other, she simply feels that each man sates a part of her personality that the other can’t.

Our last big character is Jesus, the Mexican Vampire Hunter.  Jesus’ mother was killed while he was young, presumably by a vampire, and as such his choice to become a vampire hunter was no choice at all.  Jesus is far from a clean cut hero with steroid use and less than reputable friends, but he knows that vampires kill and he in turn kills back.  Using his training as a wrestler and a bag of tricks that he has created himself (garlic jelly on his neck to keep from being bitten) Jesus brings hell to any vampire unlucky enough to try and bring him down.

Olivia cares for each man deeply and each man only cares that the other is still breathing.  Leaving us with a “To be continued…” only deepens the plot that will keep you reading well past your bedtime.

The Vampire, the Hunter, and the Girl was compliments of Martin Lastrapes. Click here to check it out on amazon.

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