Top 8 shows to watch this Fall

The fall season is already upon us and all of it’s TV splendor has already begun. If you haven’t already put together the list of what you can and can’t make time for in the current TV year then here is a list to help influence your opinion. Top 8 shows to watch this fall.

Some of these have already started so you may need to On-Demand a few back episodes.

51urjgVTeDL__SL500_AA500_8. Mullaney on Fox. John Mullaney, if you didn’t already know, is one of the funniest comedians out there right now. A former writer for SNL he is now starring in a new comedy based loosely around his stand-up. This series co-stars Martin Short and the first episode premiered last night(Oct. 5th). I can’t say it hit every mark but it was better than I expected. Some of the jokes seemed a bit too stretched but I’m going to give it the standard 3 episode trial.




Nickelodeon-The-Legend-Of-Korra-Book-Four-Balance-Nicktoon-Animation-Cartoon-Still-Image-Picture-Nick-Nicktoons_Twitter-Announcement7. While technically The Legenend of Korra is not a TV series anymore (it was moved to halfway through last season) it is still one of the best shows out there. Book 4 takes place 3-years after the end of season 3 and looks real promising. The good thing about it is, you don’t have to pick a night to watch it on, you can watch it anytime and from anywhere.



agents-of-shield-season-26. I’ll be honest, Agents of Sheild lost me a bit last year. I still haven’t seen the final episode. Which looks like it may be my loss because this season has started up kind of cool. I really like the duo Fits-Simmon, and Simmons may be turning to the dark side of the Marvel U if the trailers for tonights episodes tell us anything. Catch it on Fox, Mondays.



the_walking_dead__season_5_by_twdmeuvicio-d7jbgz35. I love the Walking Dead, but I am worn a tad thin on the comics and I hope the series can keep things “lively” for a while longer. I know it is still running strong and the new season will have to start up top notch (the gang was kidnapped in a boxcar at the end of last season). Fingers crossed. It Premiers this Sunday, Oct. 12th.



the-big-bang-theory-the-complete-fifth-season-dvd-cover-434. The Big Bang Theory. While it has possibly gone out of the realm of geek culture to pop phenominon, it is still a fun show full of nerd references. Let’s face it, there are only a handful of nerd shows that you can harvest for comedy. Other shows keep trying but very few succeed. BBT has set the bar for nerd comedy.





3. The Flash premiers on the CW tomorrow night. I never really got into Arrow, though part of me feels I should. I see it still alive and kicking, well after the last day I gave it. This show ties directly into the that version of the DCU, with a young Barry Allen. I am kind of excited about this one, even though the Flash has the lamest set of superfoes, he has one of the sweetest powers.



supernatural-season-102. Another CW show premiering tomorrow, Supernatural is in it’s final season. I wanted to put this at number 1 since it is one of my faves. To be fair though I don’t really expect the season ten wrap up to be as sweet as it would have been if they ended things during season 5. But maybe…

gotham1. It’s too early to tell but so far the feel of Gotham is pretty solid. If they can keep going the way they have been and bring out some interesting storylines with the characters they have. I do expect this series to be a smash. The atmosphere is great and the cast is good. They only have the world to lose at this point. Everyone LOVES Batman, and where this show takes us could blaze the trail for something amazing. Or maybe it flounders and dies.


That isn’t every show on the radar. Obviously we want to honerable mention Doctor Who with the new Doctor Peter Capaldi at the helm. If your a Once Upon A Time fan or a Frozen fan, they introduced Anna and Elsa this season. Sleepy Hollow is throwing some crazy curves out there with John Noble as a steady cast member and villian. Of course the Blacklist, which is an awesome show but I don’t know how to tie it into geekdom unless you just approach it from the aspect of TV obsession.


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