C2E2 – DC New 52 Panel -Quick Hit


The New 52 panel consisted of: Dan Jurgens (insert credits), Jimmy Palmiotti (credits), Gail Simone (credits), Aaron Kuder (credits) and they discussed their current and upcoming titles.



Two big points of discussion were: Batman at 75 Year of the Bat. Massive story parts starting in July going through rest of the year.




Futures End – DCU 35yrs in the future and 5yrs in the future and how the DCU look at these times. This story integrates Batman Beyond story into the New 52 universe.  According to Dan there will be a big event in September that will jump ahead 5 yrs.



Gail Simone spoke about her upcoming run on Batgirl which will involve Poison Ivy as well as a lot of character development.  Wanted to discuss “5 years later” but moderator Jim Cunningham said…no.


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