C2E2 – Saturday

The crowds keep filing in.  People come from all over to this mecca of comics – or Geekdom as I call it.  In traversing the many aisles and booths of C2E2 today I met many interesting people.

One of the best things about conventions like this the creators/exhibitors here to “hock” their wares.  I applaud their dedication to their craft and their desire to bring their creations to the people.

Artist Alley creates an air of adventure with hundreds of variations on a single idea: character creation.  With as many styles as there are creators to display them, Artist Alley is an overload to the senses of awesome.

Every convention has its own individuality – and people rave about San Diego, but as a local kid C2E2 is right in my wheelhouse as far as size, vendor selection and quality panel discussion involving creators from across the industry.  If you aren’t already here – there’s still tomorrow!  Come on down, buy a ticket and join the fun!


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